Cadmium - La Casa de Asterion

La Casa de Asterion est un morceau extrait de l'album "Theory of Mind", de Cadmium (mon ancien groupe), qui sort à titre posthume.
Ce morceau s'inspire de la nouvelle de borjes du même nom.

Paroles :

Calm down my tender child
Calm down and close your eyes
Join heaven, so mild,
Where your soul flies
Laid down and prepared for sleep
I am the child of the king's spouse
I know, I know
In my infinite opened doors house
I know, I know
I know
I am waiting, I am waiting

For my redeemer
will rise above the dust
What will he be like ?
A bull, or a man ?
I was once told this strange prophecy of redemption
Out from my nightmare, I shell find rest in death
Still, in my shadows
I'm never alone
I have a friend
And we both run
Through the corridors
Of my big house
And we have so much fun !
Yet, everyday
I am I do not even know what
I am waiting
I am but death standing as a man
I am waiting
Led by a string, my redeemer is now coming
Sword and shield in his hands
And tonight, I will dance in the stars

I shall rest my mother
Calmed down and closed my eyes
Joined heaven, so mild
Where my soul flies
Laid down and prepared for death


Music & Lyrics : Vled Tapas
Guitars : Robin Houpier
Bas : Olivier Sondag
Synths : Miklos Takach
Drums : Bardan irving
Artwork : Luca Bobenrieth