Comment faire un side flip..HOW TO JUMPE HIGHER WITH YOU SIDE only in 3 steps (english tranlate too)

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English translate
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today i am going to show you the side flip
The side flip or costal flip is generally used to freeruning
and allows to jump various obstacles
for make side flip is very simple
The method which I am going to show you
today consists has to jump before turning
OOPS!!!!! I almost hurt
so the side flip is a little bit similar to the back flip
thus you can always use it
As you see him the side flip
consists in jumping similar for the back flip
But the back flip also it is something else because he frightens
really especially when you are is height but you should not be afraid
You can look some tutos on YouTube or ask me to make one
In the first place it is well necessary to take a run-up with
supports always parallel then to jump you as high as possible
If you leave not going to you directly not
to go up thus to look at first in gone up as high as possible
Then to group you but if to release
you hands his is going to give this
Here is another style of side flip the most used generally
You always can invented by techniques if it does not work
A little as I make anything
The most stupid technique can work one never know
Normally that has to give this With attractive one " side flip " which will make you go out of the frame of your will be on drugs and Against you even .if you you not not still subscribed to go if on YouTube and bang your bar of search MBAMA prince GILDAS and Assure you to have marked on subscriber and to receive the notifications here and here

On those keep in shape!!!!!!!!