[VVVINYL] L'essentiel du Maître de l'Horreur // John Carpenter - Anthology (Movie Themes 1974-1998)

Chronique consacrée à l'album de John Carpenter "Anthology (Movie Themes 1974-1998)".

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A1 In The Mouth Of Madness
A2 Assault On Precinct 13
A3 The Fog
A4 Prince Of Darkness
A5 Santiago (Vampires)
A6 Escape From New York

B1 Halloween
B2 Porkchop Express (Big Trouble In Little China)
B3 They Live
B4 The Thing
B5 Starman
B6 Dark Star
B7 Christine

7"-A March Of The Children (Village Of The Damned)
7"-B Body Bags